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Sound on Mars

I got a news fact for you, I wanna shareJust in case you haven’t heardCarried along on Martian airIt came from the InSight for mother

Tears in heavy rainfall

At a loss for wordsWe sat downUntouched by your sobbing soundIt was already raining No need for explanationsNo need for forgivenessIn this land of desperationIt

Sky High

It’s the way that I feelThe way that I thinkThe things I do are different nowIt’s another lifeIt’s another chanceThe chances I blew faded somehow

Release Yourself

You have been burning bridges but you can’t let goEvery word you say is pure gold, but you don’t know How to say sorry or

Quantum Technology

Will it be good or evil, or both at the same timeLike bits become qubits, a double state of mindManmade superpower, what if it ends

Ordinary People

These dark days uncover who we really areYou may call it survival instinct, driven people that farHow they loose every sense of basic moralityThere’s no

Love gone wrong

Jam the key into the ignitionThe engine awakes with a roarHere I am with a lonely missionIn your face I slammed the door Drop the

Joie de Vivre

Joie de Vivre When it’s getting betterEven better than down to sizeWhen you accept that all that mattersis what gets you energized Joie de Vivre

Human Aberration - Single Cover

Human Aberration

It seemed to be a private investigationa Search for answers by being a different manAnother world, a needed explorationAn attempt of finding out who I

Exceptional Circumstance

She was sipping a Chardonnay on a crowded terraceJust a small cafe, downtown ParrisAn easy target for the troubled manDriven by hate, he made his

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