stadi-M | Alternative Electronic Rock

Alternative Electronic Rock

ambitious and tempting

Making music, unpretentious. That’s how the new musical challenge of the Dutch band stadi-M started. A new stage for three musicians. A musical journey without any restrictions and clear framework. Long jam sessions resulting in new songs to be recorded in their own studio. stadi-M is a fact.

Every musician has a complete different musical past, which results in very interesting and diverse material. The music of stadi-M seems to be a blend of rock, dance and synth pop. Groovy beats, steamy bass lines, electronic soundscapes and fresh guitar licks melt together and carry along charismatic vocals.

The energy and the passion for music is the common denominator. This is what you can expect when the guys hit the stage. The interchange with the audience appears to be a great opportunity for improvising. That’s why every live performance turns out to be different.


  • Joss Mennen: Vocals, Bass
  • Bart van Geleuken: Keyboards
  • Maikel van der Meer: Drums
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Sound on Mars

Get ready for their debut album

released very soon

It's a sad day. With pain in our hearts and a tear on our souls, we unexpectedly had to say goodbye to our drummer Maikel. He lost the battle and unfortunately had to leave this world. We will miss your charisma, enthusiasm and infectious commitment very much.

It just motivates us more to finish the album we were working on. Especially because of your unconditional amazement at how cool the album was becoming.

Cheers mate and rest in peace