Human Aberration

It seemed to be a private investigation
a Search for answers by being a different man
Another world, a needed exploration
An attempt of finding out who I really am

It seems to be the only explanation
For living a separate life
For drifting apart
Hurting you was never my intention
But it was you who put out the fire and broke my heart

It seemed to be a human aberration
Temporary disorder, a troubled mind
But on solid ground I came to the conclusion
I missed much more than what I left behind

Don’t Stop Here

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Sound on Mars

I got a news fact for you, I wanna shareJust in case you haven’t heardCarried along on Martian airIt came from the InSight for mother

Tears in heavy rainfall

At a loss for wordsWe sat downUntouched by your sobbing soundIt was already raining No need for explanationsNo need for forgivenessIn this land of desperationIt

Sky High

It’s the way that I feelThe way that I thinkThe things I do are different nowIt’s another lifeIt’s another chanceThe chances I blew faded somehow